Bitsby - accepting crypto payments to your wallets

With automatic payment processing for online stores

About service

Bitsby is a payment service that allows you to conveniently accept and process payments in popular cryptocurrencies. With our cryptocurrency acquiring service, you can connect the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments to an online service, online store, online school, Telegram bot and other platforms

The main feature of the Bitsby service, which distinguishes us from hundreds of other services – all funds come directly to your crypto wallets, while maintaining full automation of all payments processing

There are many advantages that can be highlighted from this:

No commission

We do not take commission from either the buyer or the seller. In return, we have developed flexible tariffs


No one has access to your cryptocurrency, no one will block your cryptocurrency


Payments come directly to your crypto wallets and you can use them immediately. Fast turnover of your funds


No verification of identity, company, store is required. Just register and start working immediately


The service automatically processes all incoming payments, links them to invoices, and sends all necessary notifications


Manage invoices and payments from your systems and stores


The service displays equally well on all platforms, browsers, and has a PWA app and Telegram bot


Personal account tour

How it works



Service fee 0,5 - 1%. It is deducted from the balance automatically only after a successful payment.

Possible to customize the side of the commission payer - seller or buyer in different percentages

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Connect service


Register a personal account

Add your crypto wallets

Add a project

Create invoices for payment (manually or via API)

Give a link to the payment page to your buyers

Track all invoices in a convenient table


Affiliate Program

Payouts up to 20% of all payments from attracted users

Users are permanently assigned to a partner

Fast affiliate payouts from as little as 1 USDT

Multilanguage interface: Russian and English. You can attract English-speaking users from all around the world

Possibility to attract a lot of users at the initial stage of the service, while it is little known


Which wallets can be connected?

We recommend using non-custodial wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Exodus Wallet, etc. And also hardware wallets, for example Ledger. In general, you can connect any wallet. Only the address of the wallet is required for connection

Do I need to provide access to my wallets?

No, no access to your wallets is required. No keys are required. You just need to provide the address of the wallet to which you will accept payment

How safe is it?

Absolutely safe, as the funds go directly to your wallets and no one but you has access to them

Are there any turnover limits?

You can accept any amount, there are no limits

What commission?

The service charges a commission on each successful transaction 0.5 – 1% in cryptocurrency. No additional fees

Is the service free to use?

Yes, we have a free plan. On the free tariff there are minor restrictions and limits. If these limits are reached – the service will ask you to activate one of the paid tariffs

Do I need verification of the project and my documents?

Absolutely not. Add any projects you want

Is programming skills required?

You can manually create invoices and send the payment page link to your buyers, then track payments and issue the product/service manually.

But you can also automate all these processes in your store with the help of a programmer using our APIs and Webhook URL notification technology

Is there a plugin to connect my online store?

We develop plugins for different online store engines and CMS. You can read more on the integrations page

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